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Pay utility bills and invoices with MasterCard, Amex, Diners Club and Visa.

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Pay Monthly Bills by Credit Card

You can use Billhop to pay your utility bills and invoices by debit or credit card. It’s the fast, easy and secure way to manage multiple payments in one place.

Utilities are the different services your home, flat, commercial space or office require to run smoothly. They include water, electricity, gas, wastewater, internet, telephone and cable services such as BT or Sky.

With your Billhop account, you can choose to either make a one off payment to your utility suppliers or set up recurring payments that will be paid out automatically each month.

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What can you pay using Billhop?

  • Energy Bills
  • Gas Bills
  • Electricity Bills
  • Landline & Phone Bills
  • Internet & Broadband Bills
  • Water Bills
  • Wastewater & Sewerage Bills
  • TV & Sky Bills
  • and more!

Earn more Bonus Points

Does your credit card offer benefits and bonuses as part of its rewards programme? With Billhop, you can pay any bill or invoice using your preferred credit card, earning more of your card’s rewards simply by paying your utility bills.

Extend your payment time

Take advantage of the interest-free payment period provided by your existing credit card and extend your payment time - freeing up cash when you need it.


How does Billhop work?

Billhop is an online payment service that lets you pay your bills using the debit or credit card of your choice.

We don't require your end recipient or supplier to accept card payments or sign up to our service themselves. This means that a Billhop account lets you use your credit cards to pay bills that don't typically accept cards as payment.

Simply add your bill details, register a card and confirm the payment date. Your credit card will be charged and the funds will arrive in your recipient's account in 2-4 business days (depending on your card).

How much does Billhop cost?

Billhop’s pricing is simple and transparent.

For business accounts, we charge a service fee of 2.95% on each transaction.

For personal accounts, we charge a service fee of 3.5% on each transaction.

There are no additional costs associated with having a Billhop account and we do not charge a subscription fee or have any hidden upgrades. Our service fee covers all the costs of processing and handling your card payments.

Registration is completely free.

Can I pay my energy bills by credit card?

Yes, you can pay all your energy and utility bills by credit card, including AMEX with Billhop. These bills include but are not limited to:

  • Gas
  • Heating oil
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Internet and Broadband
  • Landline and Phone
  • Cable services

Can I use AMEX to pay my electricity bill?

Yes, Billhop accepts AMEX payments. You can pay your electricity bills and energy supplier with AMEX when you use Billhop.

How will my energy supplier be paid if I use Billhop?

Your energy supplier will be paid via bank transfer when you use Billhop.

For Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club credit cards, your energy supplier will be paid 2 business days after your card is charged while AMEX credit cards require 4 business days after your card is charged to be paid out to your energy supplier.

How to make a payment

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Add the payment details found on your bill.

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Make a payment

Register the card you want to use and click pay!

Are you a business?

Streamline your payments and improve working capital by paying your business utility bills and other expenses by credit card.

With Billhop, there's no need to onboard your suppliers or have them accept card payments. Simply add your invoice payment details and the credit card of your choice.

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Discover more about Billhop

Billhop is a payment institution that is regulated by and operates under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) through the Temporary Passport Regime (FNR 748529). Billhop upholds industry best-in-class security standards including 2FA and issuer security solutions such as 3DS. All client funds are safeguarded through standard client funds account setup.