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Founded in 2012 with the express aim to address the low card acceptance rate in the B2B sphere, Billhop’s mission has always been to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers everywhere. By revolutionising the way businesses pay one another, Billhop enables companies to smooth out cash flow irregularities, gain process efficiencies and improve their working capital.

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"As a consumer, you are used to being able to use your card for basically any purchase. However, within the B2B value chain, card acceptance is still lower than 20% worldwide. Billhop allows the cardholder to pay the remaining 80% of suppliers worldwide that currently do not accept card payments."
CEO at Billhop
"Quite simply, there isn’t anyone else offering Billhop’s unique solution in Europe. Their radical take on the buyer-funded solution within the B2B sphere is evidence of their potential to completely overhaul the card payments industry.

It’s precisely this daring attitude and willingness to challenge the status quo that make us excited to back Billhop."
Partner at 13books

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Billhop AB is a Swedish payment institute, authorised and regulated in Sweden by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We are exempt from the prohibition, in regulation 138 of the UK Payment Services Regulations 2017, on providing payment services in the United Kingdom and we are not authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Billhop upholds industry best-in-class security standards including 2FA and issuer security solutions such as 3DS. All client funds are safeguarded through standard client funds account setup.