What does it cost?

Billhop’s service fee is 1,99% of the transaction amount for all Visa cards and 2.95% of the transaction amount for Mastercard and American Express cards. There are no recurring or hidden costs in addition to the service fee.

It is free to create an account on Billhop. You only pay when you use our service. You can cancel your account at any time.

Check the exact fee below by filling out the amount you want to pay. Please note that the fee calculated represents the fee charged if a Visa card is used.

Service fee


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Billhop’s service fee is simple. You pay a fixed percentage with each payment. It is free of charge to open an account at Billhop and there are no hidden or extra charges. You only pay when you use the service and you can delete your account at any time.

You can delete your payment and get a full refund inclusive fee on the card you paid with until Billhop transfers the payment to the recipient.

Do you intend to pay high amounts?

Please contact us if you want to pay over £10 000 per month with your MasterCard or Visa, we can offer you a special solution.

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