How Billhop works

Pay your bills and invoices by credit card through Billhop – simple and secure

Billhop is a payment service designed to enable payment of invoices and bills by credit or debit card. The service is available for both businesses and individuals and you can use either your private or corporate/business cards, regardless if it is a credit or debit card.

You can pay invoices using UK issued cards to UK end beneficiaries.

Billhop is easy to use. Once you have created an account, you can start using the service and pay your invoices with your payment card.

Use your card to pay bills and invoices just like any other purchase.

Add your invoices

To pay invoices and bills through Billhop, simply enter the same information as when you pay via internet banking.

You enter

  • The recipient’s account number
  • The invoice reference number
  • The invoice amount

Pay the invoices with your card

After you have registered the invoices, you pay them easily and securely using your card. You enter your card information, similar to other online purchases.

The first time you use your card, we use your card’s security solution (e.g 3D Secure) to register the card. You can then choose to save the card on your Billhop account for easier payment next time you use the service.

The recipient receives the funds

When the card payment is completed, the invoice amount will be received by the recipient within four business days.

For example, if a bill is paid by you on a Monday, the funds will be received by the recipient on Friday.


Both businesses and individuals can register an account with Billhop. It only takes some minutes.

After completing the registration process, you can start using Billhop immediately. A confirmation letter will be sent to your registered address.



Register a business
  • Your company number, name and address
  • Individuals who own more than 25% of the business
  • The person who creates the account needs to be an authorised signatory of the company
Register a business
Register as an individual
  • Date of birth
  • Registered address
  • Telephone number
Register an individual

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Which cards can be used?

Billhop accepts credit cards from Amex, MasterCard and VISA.

American Express

You can use your American Express card with Billhop in the same way as with normal purchases. Payments using American Express via Billhop also earns you bonus points (EuroBonus, Membership Rewards).

It is worth noting that American Express does not usually impose credit limits on their cards. Instead, they look at spending patterns to assess the credit limit. This means that larger transactions through Billhop may initially be declined if they significantly deviate from your usual spending pattern.

In this case, we recommend that you contact American Express to let them know you intend to carry out a larger payment transaction through Billhop.


You can use your MasterCard with Billhop in the same way as with normal online purchases. This means that you can use all of your debit/credit limit, and receive bonus points if your card is part of such a loyalty programme.


You can use your VISA card in the same way as with normal online purchases. This means that you can use all of your debit/credit limit, and receive bonus points if your card is part of such a loyalty programme.

Who can use Billhop?

Billhop caters towards both businesses and private individuals and both corporate and private cards are accepted. Billhop offers several possibilities to both improve business’ liquidity as well as handling tail-end spend, i.e. non-core purchases from suppliers not used on a regular basis.

Multiple accounts?

The same user can have both a private account as well as one, or many business accounts. You can easily switch between accounts – when logged in – to ensure that your private bills are stored on your private account and vice versa for your company’s bills. In addition, multiple users can be linked to one business account. The creator of the account, can decide which areas of the account other users can access. This includes everything from registering and paying bills, to only being able to see the bills and downloading accounting documents.

This means however, that only one company registration number can be connected with the account.

Which recipients can I pay to?

Billhop generally accepts all recipients with a BACS account. Exceptions: We do not accept payments with MasterCard, VISA and American Express to the following recipients:

Blocked recipients

  • Card issuers
  • Debt Collectors (credits, debts, loans)
  • Exchange currency intermediaries
  • BitCoin/Crypto currency companies
  • Gambling and casinos
  • Arms dealers
  • Adult entertainment
  • Second hand vehicles and vehicles parts

Following the guidelines of American Express, we cannot accept bills to be paid to

  • Banks/Financial institutions
  • Credit institutions
  • Private Accounts
  • Payments to Own Company which is defined as; “payments to businesses for which the payer either serves as a board member, chief executive or is an authorised signatory”

Futhermore, we don’t accept remittance (transferring money from a private individual to another one) and transactions to one’s bank account.

Please note that the purpose of your transaction must always be stated clearly.