Pay your bills and invoices online with your Visa card via Billhop

You can use your Visa card just like for any other online purchases. This means that you can use all of your debit/credit limit, and receive bonus points if your card is part of a loyalty programme.

Visa’s paying circuit is widely spread all over the world and few issuers are considered as trustworthy as Visa when it comes to easy and secure payments by credit card. With your Visa card, you can purchase goods in an easy and secure way, regardless if you are in a shop or buying something online, over the phone or via mail. Visa’s payment system is available around the clock. If something goes wrong, you can always feel safe – Visa’s regulations will protect you in case of fraud or theft.

Bonus Points and Fidelity Programmes

Many different issuers offer Visa cards which are associated with bonus or fidelity programmes. For example, some cards can be used to earn points for every € 1 spent in supermarkets, petrol stations and other outlets. Rewards can be redeemed for a range of different rewards.


Visa does not accept payments to the following types of recipients:

  • Card Issuers
  • Debt Collectors
  • BitCoin/Crypto currency companies
  • Gambling and casinos

Please note: it is allowed to make payments to banks using a Visa card on Billhop.

Visa Europe makes it possible for competing banks to offer their cards and payment services to millions of cardholders and merchants in Europe.

Visa’s mission is to provide the products and services that make transactions fast, secure and convenient.

*For some cards, deviations from basic bonus schemes, refunds, frequent flyer programs or promotions/discounts may occur. Please contact your card issuer or our customer service for more information about your specific card.

More about Visa

Online payments with your Visa card

You can always feel safe if you shop online with your Visa card. If you are a victim of fraud or if your identity gets stolen, you can get your money back. Therefore, you can feel protected every time you shop online with your Visa.

Visa for companies

Both SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises – and big companies can benefit from Visa’s paying system. Thanks to Visa for Business you can manage and keep your expenses under control in a more efficient way while reducing your administrative costs. Visa business cards are accepted at over 24 million points of sale in over 160 countries and of course on Billhop.

Contactless payments with your Visa card

Contactless payments with Visa are fast, convenient and secure – you won’t even need to enter your PIN (your bank may ask for a chip and pin for SCA). Look for the symbol for contactless payments, simply touch the reader with your contactless card to pay in less than a second. For all payments under € 30 you don’t need to use your PIN. Easy, isn’t it?

Visa debit, Visa credit, Visa prepaid and Visa Business – a Visa for every occasion

If you have a Visa, it’s easy to have all your expenses under control. You can choose among a wide range of issuers who offer Visa cards all over Europe. Your Visa can be associated to your bank account or, if you have a Visa credit card, you can take advantage of the interest free payment period on your credit card (conditions may vary from issuer to issuer). Visa offers you many alternatives, both for private and for business use. But remember that Visa does not issue cards. It’s your bank which can issue a Visa card for you as a private individual or as an entrepreneur.

Visa does not issue any credit cards. Every single bank can decide what fees apply both to consumers and companies. Visa supplies the products and services which make transactions fast, secure and convenient.

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