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About Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank is part of Ireland’s traditional Big Four commercial banks, alongside Bank of Ireland, AIB, and National Irish Bank. With more than 175 years of history and 150 Irish branches, the bank has a strong presence in Ireland.

Ulster Bank was acquired by Westminster Bank in 1917 and became part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in the year 2000. 

Credit Cards

Ulster Bank offers several credit cards, to personal and business consumers alike. You can use all of Ulster Bank’s credit cards to pay your bills through Billhop.

Personal Credit Cards

Classic Credit Card

The standard card for personal customers, this card comes with several benefits, including:

  • Three months of interest-free purchases
  • Free balance transfers
  • Manage your card through Ulster Bank’s mobile app
  • 17.9% interest rate

Black Credit Card

Just like the Classic credit card, your Black card can be managed through an online app, includes no balance transfer fees, and allows you to add a cardholder to no extra cost. Additional benefits include:

  • 13.9% interest rate
  • Six months of interest-free purchases
  • $0 in foreign transaction fees for non-Euro purchases

To be eligible for the Black Credit Card, you need to earn at least €40,000 annually. 

In addition, Ulster Bank offers a Student Credit Card for students.

Business Credit Cards

An Ulster Bank business account includes ClearSpend, a service for complete control of your account in real-time, for every transaction, allowing you oversight and flexibility. Flexibility that extends to their credit card portfolio as well.

As a business, you have three credit and debit cards to choose from – as well as a corporate Visa Purchasing Card and a Public Sector Purchasing card tailored to handle high volume, low value purchases.

Business Debit Card

A debit card for business, this card is ideal for everyday expenses, includes worldwide acceptance, and allows you to pay contactless.

Business Card

This business card includes no transaction fees, is accepted wherever a MasterCard logo is visible, and allow setting individual spending limits for each cardholder. For €30 per year and cardholder, the card includes:

  • 24/7 management
  • up to 37 days interest-free credit 
  • no transaction fees 


Ulster Bank’s OneCard allows you control and flexibility. Benefits include interest-free credit for purchases up to 37 days and worldwide acceptance. Furthermore, the card includes Smart Data Online, which give you comprehensive transaction information, reviews, and tailored reports. OneCard costs €50 per cardholder annually.


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