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About Chill Money

Chill Money is the lending business of Chill Insurance, one of Ireland’s leading brokers. As a new credit card provider, Chill Money is looking to compete with long-established banks, and disrupt the Irish banking industry. They differentiate themselves in part by offering a quick and easy application process for both loans and their credit card.

Credit Cards

In 2017, Chill Money struck up a collaboration with Avantcard. Previously only a provider loans, Chill Money now allow personal customers to apply for a credit card as well.

Chill Money Credit Card

Chill Money only offers one credit card, which includes a promotional rate of 0% on balance transfers and a 9.9% rate on money transfers to your bank account. Beyond offering benefits such as travel emergency services and global acceptance, additional benefits include:

  • Additional shareholders
  • Fraud Protection
  • Interest-free credit when the bill is paid on-time and in full every month

You can use your Chill Money credit card to pay your bills with Billhop – using a credit card to pay bills has never been easier. 


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