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A simple and cost efficient way to manage your liquidity

Billhop solves your liquidity in an efficient way

For small and medium sized businesses, liquidity issues are an important factor when determining investments for growth and other capital investments. A lack of liquidity means that investments have to be scaled back, unless you can find alternative forms of financing your working capital needs. Billhop is a service which makes it possible for you, as a business, to use your credit card to extend your payment time, and as a result, free up working capital.

An Alternative liquidity solution

Many businesses use factoring as a way to solve immediate liquidity shortages. This solution is often administratively arduous for businesses and can to some extent also compromise their customer relations.

By paying supplier invoices with your card, you benefit from the interest free payment period on your card, which is often 30 days longer than factoring. In addition, your customer relationships are unaffected as you haven’t sold their invoices to a third party.

Simply compare the cost of using Billhop (2.95% of the invoice amount or 1.99% using Visa cards) to earn 30-60 more days to pay (depending on the interest free payment period you have on your card), against the total cost of factoring to give you a similar extended payment time.

Cash Discounts

Many suppliers offer their customers discounts if they receive early payment

As a business you are often not able to take advantage of these discounts, due to lack of liquidity or that the cost of financing is greater than the economic benefits the discount offers.

By paying supplier invoices with your card through Billhop, you have the opportunity to benefit from discounts your supplier offers, without loss of liquidity.

On your payment card, you often have 30-60 days of interest free payment period. By paying your invoice with your card, you can pay the supplier straight away and thus take advantage of early pay discounts. All this is possible without loss of any liquidity.

You simply have to compare the cost of using Billhop (2.95%) to get a 30-60-day longer payment period, with the discount your supplier offers for early payments.

Bonus and Award points

Most payment cards offer various benefits when you use the card.

For example, bonus points, cash backs or discounts. Just as with ordinary card purchases, you can collect bonus points on your business payment card when you pay your invoices through Billhop. To know what rules apply to your card, please contact your card issuer.

It’s so easy to use!

Add your invoices

Register the sort code and account number, the amount and a reference to the recipient

Pay with your card

You can use any Visa, MasterCard or Amex card, private or corporate - whatever suits you!


Your payments will reach the recipient within four (4) business days, the day you make the payment not included.

Peace of mind

Billhop strives to ensure that you, as a business, are able to pay your invoices with your business payment card, in a user-friendly and secure way. 

All payments through Billhop are shown on your card statement, along with your other purchases. You can also transfer your transactions to Excel or download them as a PDF, so you have transparent and appropriate accounting documents. We also send out confirmations and receipts via email, in order for you to always have full control over your spend through Billhop.

We have a constant focus on tech development, and will continue to launch more features that will make it easier for you as a business.

What does is cost?

It’s completely free to create an account with Billhop, you only pay when you use the service and you can, at any time, cancel your account.

Try the calculator below to see how much it costs to use Billhop.

Service fee


Grand total


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