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Pay all of your tail-end suppliers with your purchasing card

Maximize the value from your P-Card program through Billhop. We enable 100% supplier acceptance

Purchasing cards are often an efficient way to manage expenditures within a company. The problem is however, that many of your suppliers do not accept card payments

Billhop changes that and makes all invoices payable by card. This enables you to to pay any supplier using purchasing cards, irregardless if the supplier accepts card or not.

Tail-end spend administration

Manage tail-end spend in an efficient way.  

Tail-end spend, i.e smaller purchases from the long tail of suppliers pose a challenge in terms of payment and control. They lead to increased administration and incur costs.

Through Billhop, these invoices can be paid using corporate/purchasing cards. No onboarding of the supplier is needed and they get paid into their bank account.

The invoice payment will appear on the card statement exactly like all other expenses, meaning that Billhop fits seamlessly into existing expense accounting systems. Alongside ease of payment Billhop offers the user and the Enterprise increased transparency and control of tail-end spend.

When corporates should use Billhop

Billhop makes every invoice payable by card. This is especially useful when employees are given corporate cards for expenses, or if you use purchasing cards for procurement.

Rule of thumb! If your employees usually use a corporate card for expenses, then they can use the same card to pay for ad-hoc invoices on Billhop to utilize your already existing expense management systems and software.

Pay invoices in three simple steps

Add the invoices

Register any invoice on the Billhop platform by entering sort code, account number, the amount and a reference/message to the recipient

Pay with any card

Use your company purchasing card or any other credit or debit card to pay the invoices


The recipients will receive the payments after four business days, excluding the day on which the payments is made. The transaction will appear on the card statement in full detail for your reconciliation

Powerful features

We have a full suite of tailor-made features in order for large corporates and enterprises to start using Billhop quickly and without effort.


PDF and Excel exports of all your activity


Transactions are shown in full detail on your card statement

User accounts

Every employee gets an account


World class support

Secure & Compliant

Industry standard security and compliance

Email exports

Share information easily


Multiple currency support

Multiple cards

Save and use multiple cards

Scheduled and recurring

Schedule payments or set up recurring payments

System integration

Easily integrate into your existing systems

Get started today

It is easy to get started with Billhop, either you create an account on your own to try out our service, or we can contact you to discuss more in detail how Billhop can be used in your organisation.

Our team of specialists will guide you through the features and opportunities of Billhop and are here to help you.

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