Virgin Money

Virgin Direct, a personal finance company predecessor of Virgin Money was founded in 1995. Virgin Money itself was established in 2000. Virgin Money grew rather fast and in 2012 the purchase of the nationalised bank Northern Rock took place.
MBNA used to supply credit cards for Virgin Money, but since December 2014 Virgin Money has been issuing all new cards – with the exception of Virgin Atlantic cards.

Virgin Atlantic White Credit Cards have no annual fee and you earn 3000 miles if you use your card in the first 90 days of activity. With your MBNA American Express you earn 1 mile every £1 you spend and with your Visa credit 1 mile every £2 spent. Why not collecting more reward points or miles by paying your bills online by credit card via Billhop? Your transaction are considered just like any other purchase and it’ll be easier for you to reach your goals! Try Billhop now, you can register for free on our website!

Billhop is a payment service, where businesses and individuals can pay bills using their existing credit or debit card.
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