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About RSB

Bank of Scotland is the second oldest bank in the UK, since it was established one year after Bank of England.
With NatWest and Ulster Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. RBS mainly has branches in Scotland,  although it is also present in many larger towns and cities in England and Wales.
It is remarkable that RSB has not only been working through traditional branches, phone and internet banking, but since 1946 also through the so called “mobile branches”, e. g. using converted vehicles to reach remote areas in the countryside as well. 19 mobile branches are still in use nowadays.

RBS owns many popular banking brands, such as NatWest, Ulster Bank, Coutts, Adam & Co, Child & Co, Drummonds, Holt’s, Military Banking, Isle of Man Bank and Lombard. which offer several products and services to individuals, business and institutional customers.

When you use their Reward credit card, you always get part of your spend back in Rewards. The average customer earns £83 of Rewards a year. There’s no limit to the Rewards you can earn. so why not using Billhop to earn even more Rewards? Your payments through Billhop are considered just like any other online purchase and will add bonus points to the ones you have already collected. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and billhop!

Credit Cards

Bank of Scotland offers a wide range of credit cards which can suit every consumers’ needs, from its Platinum deals with 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers, to a basic credit card for students. You simply need to pick the card for you and start using it to pay your bills online via Billhop in order to take advantage of your card’s full potential. Here a list of their credit cards:

  • The Royal Bank Credit Card – , no annual fee, low rates on purchases and balance transfers.
  • Reward Credit Card – 1% Rewards in supermarkets and 0.5% at their petrol stations, between 1% and 15% in Rewards when you spend at selected MyRewards retailers and the annual fee is refunded if you have a Royal Bank of Scotland Reward current account
  • Reward Black Credit Card – no foreign transaction fees, 1% Rewards in supermarkets and 0.5% at their petrol stations and between 1% and 15% in Rewards when you spend at selected MyRewards retailers.

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