Pay your bills and invoices online with your Nationwide credit card via Billhop

You can use your Nationwide credit card to pay your bills and invoices by credit card on Billhop, just like for any other online purchase.

Nationwide offers savings accounts for both private individuals and businesses.

Among their credit cards there are the Nationwide Select Credit Card (Visa) and The Nationwide Credit Card (Visa), which offer a no balance transfer fee for the first 3 months of account opening, 0% on purchases for the first 12 months, as well as commission-free purchases.

About Nationwide

Nationwide Building Society has its foundations in mutuality and is today the largest mutual financial institution in the world, after many mergers — among which those with Anglia Building Society in 1987 and Portman Building Society in 2007 —, besides being the second largest mortgage provider in the UK, and one of the largest savings providers in the country. Nationwide has its headquarters in Swindon and an office in London.

Bonus Points and Fidelity Programmes

Cash Rewards

For Nationwide Select Credit Card and Cash Reward Credit Card you earn cash reward every time you use your card for purchases, which must be carried out in GBP – some transactions, such as cash advances, balance transfers, and payment protection insurance premiums are not included.

Your Select or Cash Credit Card will give you a 0.25% cash reward on purchases in GBP (the aforementioned transactions excluded). This cashback rate applies to all accounts opened before January 2018 and new customers cannot apply for a Cash Reward Credit Card any longer.

Your cash reward earnings will be transferred to your account in December every year.

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