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About Barclays

With its roots in the 17th century, Barclays is one of the oldest and biggest institutions in British banking history. Its headquarters are in London. Barclays is today a bank active in different fields, e.g. retail banking, wealth management and credit cards. Always ahead in its sector, Barclays was the first issuer to offer credit and contactless cards in Britain.

Credit Cards

Most of Barclaycards do not have an annual fee. Barclays offers a wide variety of credit cards depending on your specific needs and you can earn reward points and build your credit rating. Here an overview:

  • Balance transfer credit cards
  • Purchase-offer credit cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Credit building credit cards

Reward Credit Cards

The Barclays Reward Credit Cards earn you reward points or cashback every time you shop. You can use them at a wide number of stores, retailers, restaurants entertainment venues and even charities.

Platinum Barclaycard with Barclays Blue Rewards

The Platinuma Barclaycard with Barclays Blue Rewards will not only earn you cash rewards throught Blue Rewards, but also £ 1 cashback every month spent with your card for up to 24 months. This card has 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for a year.

Barclaycard Freedom Rewards card

If you have a Barclays Freedom Rewards card you can earn Freedom points everytime you make a purchase. You earn 2 points for each pound you spend at supermarkets, petrol stations in the United Kingdom and with Transport for London. Otherwise £1 corresponds to 1 earned point. There isn’t a limit to the reward points you can earn and no annual fee. This is why you should take advantage of the fidelity programme of your card and use it to pay your bills via Billhop! This will make you earn even more reward points and reach your goal more quickly! Start billhoping now!

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