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Why use Billhop as a consumer?

Bonus and reward points

Most cards offer different benefits for you as a customer. These benefits can be bonus points, cash backs, discounts, etc. Just as with ordinary card purchases, you collect bonus points on your card when you pay your bills through Billhop. To know what rules apply to your card, please contact your card issuer.

Unexpected expenditure

Unexpected expenditure is something we’ve all experienced. The car breaks down and has to be repaired or you are forced to schedule an unexpected visit to the dentist. By using the flexibility your payment card offers, you can easily even out your liquidity and avoid applying for new loans to pay these unexpected bills.

On your card, you often have between 30-45 days of interest free payment period. By paying your e.g. dentist bill with a credit card, you extend your payment period to your dentist by 30-45 days. The cost of these 30-45 days, is the fee Billhop takes for the transaction. Learn more about our rates here.

It’s so easy to use!

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Overview and simplicity

Billhop aims to make it as easy as possible to pay invoices with payment cards. Through Billhop, you can pay your invoices with all kinds of payment cards. Card payments through Billhop are shown on your card statement, along with your other purchases. This is a convenient way to gather all your payments in one place, and have a good overview of your expenses.

You can also export your transactions to Excel or download them as a PDF, so you constantly have an overview of your payments. We also send out confirmations and receipts via email, so you always have full control over the bills you’ve paid via Billhop.

A price calculator

It’s completely free to create an account with Billhop, you only pay when you use the service and you can, at any time, cancel your account.

Try the calculator below to see how much it costs to use Billhop.


Service fee


Grand total


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