Pay tuition fees with your credit card

Regardless if it is day care/nursery, school or university fees, you can pay them online via Billhop using your credit card.

Day care/nursery, school and university fees often represent a recurring payment for households and sometimes it is not easy to keep up.

Now you can take advantage of the interest free payment period of your credit card to better plan your finances.

How can I pay my day care/nursery, school or university fees through Billhop?

First of all you need to register an account on our website. It is an automated process that will only take you a couple of minutes. Once you have created an account, you can start carrying out your transactions through Billhop.

To pay your tuition fees by credit card; just like for any other payment on Billhop, you just need to know:

  1. The bank details of your recipient (sort code and account number)
  2. The amount you would like to pay
  3. The reference you need to enter so that your payee can identify your transaction.

After that, you will input your credit card details, which will be processed according to the high security standards of the industry, and confirm your transaction. The funds will be received by your beneficiary after four business days.

Can I make several separate payments to pay my day care/nursery, school or university fees?

You can make any number of separate payments, as long as they are in line with the receiver’s requirements.

Are there any other benefits for me if I pay through Billhop?

  • Collect loyalty, reward and bonus points on your card
  • Utilize the interest free credit period on your credit card to even out your liquidity and avoid applying for new loans to pay your day care/nursery, school or university fees
  • Benefit from Billhop’s functionality such as scheduled and recurring payments in order to never miss a payment again

Billhop is a payment service, where businesses and individuals can pay bills using their existing credit or debit card.
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