Pay all suppliers by credit card, no onboarding required

If you are tired of trying to get your suppliers to accept your corporate credit cards or if you simply think that your life would be much easier if you could just pay all your bills by credit card, Billhop is the solution you have been waiting for.

Billhop is an online payment service which enables companies and private individuals to pay all their bills and invoices with their credit card without having onboarded the recipient.

How does it work?

After registering an account on Billhop, you can carry out transactions by credit card to any British bank account or in the Euro Zone (SEPA payments).
You simply need to add the details of your payment, e.g.:

  • Sort code and account number or IBAN
  • Reference number
  • Amount

Then, you enter your credit card details to submit the payment, just like you do for any other online transaction and you are done – this is when Billhop starts making its magic.

Your card is charged according to the set due date and your money transferred to a customer-only bank account from which we transfer your funds to your payee, so that your payment appears just like any other bank transfer in the recipient’s eyes.


BillhopWe love paying bills by credit card!

Billhop is a payment service, where businesses and individuals can pay bills using their existing credit or debit card.
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