Improved working capital through your credit card

With Billhop you can use your credit card for cost-effective working-capital financing. This allows you to extend your DPO or access early-payment discounts, preserving cash without straining supplier relationships.

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Free up capital through your card programme

  • Prolong your accounts-payable days by paying all types of supplier by card – thereby reducing working capital and preserving cash.
  • Reduce costs by accessing supplier early-payment discounts when paying by credit card
  • Flexible and easy to implement, since no supplier onboarding is needed.
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Bespoke cards to benefit your balance sheet

  • We partner with corporate-card issuers that can provide you with cards for working-capital financing purposes.
  • Our solution provides a competitive financing option, thanks to high credit limits, long payment terms and low rates.
  • Instead of using supplier financing that creates interest-bearing debt, use your credit card for a healthier balance sheet.
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We handle all your payment needs

Pay any supplier and all types of tax

Buyer and supplier funded solutions

No limit on transaction amount

No limit on number of payments

Full support for reconciliation and reporting

Payment-approval workflows