Does your small business use Xero?

Are you looking for an easy way to pay your supplier invoices with credit card?

Join us as Beta testers (and be compensated up to £500 for your feedback!)

Register by the 25th of August 2022

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If your company is based in the UK and currently uses Xero’s software, we want to hear from you!

Businesses that join and complete our pilot programme will be reimbursed the full sum of their first invoice payment, up to a total of £500.

Billhop and Xero integration

What does Billhop’s Xero integration do?

Billhop is a payment platform that allows businesses to pay any invoice with a personal or corporate credit card – without the need to onboard suppliers or have them accept card payments!

  • Better manage your cash flow
  • Extend your DPOs
  • Tap into early payment discounts offered by Suppliers - without having to cut into working capital

We accept any UK issued Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express credit cards. Learn more here!


Join our beta test!

Register before 25th August 2022

We’re excited to announce our new pilot programme - built to seamlessly connect Xero and Billhop accounts for easy invoice payments and reconciliation.

If your company is registered in the UK and has invoices or bills ready to pay, use the button below and we will get in touch with information on how to get started!

What do our beta testers need to do?

Once we've confirmed your eligibility, simply connect your Xero account to your new (completely free*) Billhop account and complete an invoice payment.

We will then ask you to give us feedback on the experience, functionality and usability of the features and then reimburse you for your participation.

*Registering an account with Billhop is free and when using our service outside of promotional campaigns we charge a standard service fee of 2.95% of the total transactional amount when you make a payment. This covers all the costs of processing, handling and paying out the funds.

Register your interest!

In order to be eligible to take part in the programme, please get in touch before 25th August 2022.

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Terms for the pilot offer:

  • The company must not be/have been a Billhop customer.
  • The company must be a Xero customer.
  • The offer is available for a limited number of companies and once that goal has been reached, the pilot will be closed for new companies.
  • Billhop reserves the right to refuse a company to participate in the pilot.

The pilot includes the following steps:

  • Registration of account with Billhop
  • Activation of integration between Xero and Billhop
  • Payment of invoice through Billhop within 14 days from the registration of Billhop account
  • Provision of feedback and findings of the integration to Billhop representatives
  • Billhop covers the value of the invoice paid through Billhop with a maximum of 500 GBP and Billhop’s service fee

Billhop will refund the service fee for an invoice value up to 500 GBP. Billhop will refund the value of an invoice with a maximum of 500 GBP per onboarded customer who has completed the pilot (as per the steps above). The refund is claimed by the onboarded customer issuing an invoice to Billhop as per instructions given by the end of the pilot. NB: the invoice paid via Billhop can be larger than 500 GBP, but the refund from Billhop will be a maximum of 500 GBP.

It is the onboarded customer’s responsibility to assess which taxes that may apply to the participation in this pilot. Billhop is not responsible for assessing whether or not any taxes are payable on the pilot offer, or on the payment of the invoice through the service.

Once the onboarded customer has completed its participation in the pilot offer, it can choose to either keep its Billhop user account and be charged on transactions as per Billhop regular terms of service or terminate the user account. Should the company wish to terminate its user account, the company must contact customer support.

For the complete terms of service, please see this link.