You are Billhop’s most important asset

We use leading security technology to meet the industry's stringent security requirements.

As part of our commitment to customer and data security, we employ external security experts who continuously monitor and stress test our service. Our employees and consultants follow strict documented procedures and routines to ensure that our focus on security and compliance is maintained throughout the business.

Our customer and system data is encrypted and protected with a 1.3 TLS Extended Validation SSL certificate. We do not store your card data and monitor all transactions diligently in order to detect unusual or fraudulent activity.

Billhop is a payment institution and is supervised by Finansinspektionen in accordance with the Payment Services Act (2010: 751). 


Billhop AB is a Swedish payment institute, authorised and regulated in Sweden by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We are exempt from the prohibition, in regulation 138 of the UK Payment Services Regulations 2017, on providing payment services in the United Kingdom and we are not authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Billhop upholds industry best-in-class security standards including 2FA and issuer security solutions such as 3DS. All client funds are safeguarded through standard client funds account setup.