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Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), in the United Kingdom, a bank and financial services company that became one of the largest in Europe through its acquisition of National Westminster Bank in 2000. Their credit cards are some of the most widely used and we're happy to be able to accept RBS credit cards in our platform.

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RBS Credit Cards

Purchase & Balance Transfer card

Good for paying off purchases and balances, this card offers 0% on purchases for 23 months after opening your account.

The Royal Bank Credit Card

This card is good for saving money on your holidays, offering no foreign transaction fees on purchases, low rates on purchases and balance transfers and no balance transfer fees.

Reward credit card

This card is perfect for those looking to earn more rewards when shopping. It offers 1% back in Rewards on supermarket spend, around 1-15% back at selected MyRewards retailers and your annual fee refunded if you have a Reward current account.

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