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Billhop is an online payment service that lets you pay your bills and invoices online, using the debit or credit card of your choice.

With a Billhop account, you can make the most out of your credit card rewards programme, extend your payment time and manage all your bills in one place.

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Natwest Credit Cards

With over half a century of experience to back it up, NatWest is undoubtedly one of the most recognised banks and credit card issuers in the U.K.

You can use your Natwest credit card with your Billhop account in order to pay your bills and invoices online. Simply create your free account, register the card of your choice and then upload the payment details of the bill you want to pay - it's that simple!

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NatWest offers a range of credit cards

Purchase Credit Card

If you want to be able to pay off purchases and balances, this is the credit card for you. It offers a 2.49% balance transfer fee, but 0% for 23 months on purchases and on balance transfers completed within the first three months.

Rewards credit cards

Rewards cards can be great for those that want to earn something back for the money they spend, and this card does just that. These cards are available to Natwest customers who have a current account, savings account, credit card or mortgage with NatWest, and are UK residents, 18+ and earning at least £10K per year. You can use your rewards card with Billhop to earn more benefits simply by paying your bills!

Travel credit cards

If you travel abroad with a normal credit card, you could be hit with charges of between 2-3% for each transaction. The benefit of most travel cards is they don’t charge these foreign transaction fees. So you're free to enjoy your trip without the worry of returning to a large credit card bill.

Natwest for Business

Business credit card

If you own a business with a turnover up to £2m you are eligible for the NatWest Business credit card. The Business credit card allows you to make payments easily, separate business and personal spending, and access short term funding. This credit card was given a 5* rating by Moneyfacts.

Business Plus credit card

If you want the full flexibility of making business purchases wherever you are and the benefit of being rewarded for it, the Business Plus credit card is for you. Enjoy up to 56 days interest-free credit period on purchases if you pay your balance in full and access to ClearSpend, a convenient, free mobile application available on iOS and Android.


Onecard could be ideal if you have multiple employees in your business who make business purchases but need flexibility to control purchases and expenses. You can either give employees their own card or use the hosted onecard option, where details are lodged with specific suppliers and all spend goes against one card number.

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With Billhop, you can pay almost any invoice or bill online using your preferred debit or credit card. There is no need for your supplier or recipient to accept card payments or join our system themselves. It's fast, easy and secure.

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