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Billhop lets you pay your bills and invoices online, using the debit or credit card of your choice.

Make the most out of your credit card rewards programme, extend your payment time and manage all your bills in one place.

MBNA Credit Cards

MBNA offers a range of different credit cards, each designed for particular consumer needs, such as paying off debts or for low cost spending. You can use your MBNA credit card with your Billhop account in order to pay your bills and invoices online. Simply create your free account, register the card of your choice and then upload the payment details of the bill you want to pay - it's that simple!

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Balance transfer credit cards

With a balance transfer credit card, you could combine your existing card balances, so they’ll all be in one place and you’ll just have one monthly repayment to think about.

Transfer and purchase credit cards

One card could have everything you need if you’re planning on making transfers, putting your everyday spends in one place, or spreading the cost of a larger purchase.

Money transfer credit cards

Transferring funds to your UK current account with an MBNA money transfer credit card could give you a bit more flexibility. Money transfers can come in handy for unexpected bills, when you can’t use credit cards, or for cash only purchases.

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With Billhop, you can pay almost any invoice or bill online using your preferred debit or credit card. There is no need for your supplier or recipient to accept card payments or join our system themselves. It's fast, easy and secure.

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