You can use your MasterCard on Billhop just like for any other online purchase. This means that you can use all your debit/credit limit, and receive bonus points if your card is part of a loyalty programme.
MasterCard is widely spread all over the world and is considered highly especially with regard to easy and contactless purchases. With a MasterCard, you can complete your payments in a fast and secure way. If a problem arises, you can contact MasterCard's customer service for cardholders globally without any additional cost. Remember that MasterCard doesn't issue cards, but rather your bank, which issues cards for you as a private individual or as an entrepreneur.

Bonus Points and Fidelity Programmes

Many different card issuers offer MasterCards which are often associated with convenient fidelity programmes. For example, you can collect Tesco Clubcard points with your Tesco Clubcard MasterCard. You collect points when you use your card in stores, not just at Tesco, online and when you fill up at the pump. Every third month your points are turned into vouchers which you can use at, in store or Tesco fuel or with Tesco's Clubcard Reward Partners.

More about MasterCard's Cards

MasterCard was founded in 1966 with the name Interbank. From 1969 to 1979, the cards were called Master Charge and then the name was changed to the current one.
MasterCard is an international organization which owns the brands: MasterCard, Maestro, and Cirrus. MasterCard International is listed on the NYSE. The banks which cooperate with MasterCard have the right to issue debit, credit and prepaid cards for both private individuals and companies.
The shareholders -- members -- receive through their membership the right to issue payment cards and other types of cards, with any of the brands above.
MasterCard's brand new service is called MasterPass and is a digital wallet which enables you to shop online in a safe and secure way. MasterPass saves your card and billing details on the same platform.

More about MasterCard's Debit Cards

Debit Card

You can use your MasterCard debit card for your everyday shopping or for cash withdrawals all over the world. MasterCard's worldwide payment network and the fact that the money you spend is withdrawn directly from your bank account allow you to keep track of all your expenses. MasterCard's debit cards are accepted in over 34 million shops all over the world, online as well as at 1.9 million cash points.


Maestro is a global network which makes it possible for MasterCard cards to be used in over 13 million shops and stores, over 100 countries and at 1.9 million cash points. This card is for you who want to be able to pay and withdraw cash. It helps you keep track of your expenses and you can use it anywhere you see Maestro's logo.

MasterCard's Credit Cards


A card for everyday purchases and beyond. You can use your MasterCard credit card for all types of purchases -- both in shops and online, as well as for large and small purchases, at home and abroad. Moreover, you can use it at more than 34 million stores worldwide. You can pay all your bills with your MasterCard on Billhop and you can always keep track of your expenses. You also get an overview of your purchases and you can see exactly what you bought and what amounts you spent. Furthermore, it is possible to pay your bills in installments with your MasterCard. Please contact your bank to know more about their interest rates.

World MasterCard

World MasterCard is the credit card for those who want to benefit from an attractive combination of services and bonuses every time they make a purchase. The card offers a unique bonus programme which rewards all cardholders and their loyalty, both at home and abroad. For example, you can get travel benefits, personal security and other valuable benefits. This card has high spending power, unsurpassed worldwide acceptance and great flexibility.

World Elite MasterCard

World Elite MasterCard guarantees you service around the clock tailored for your needs, giving you access to a dedicated Concierge service free of charge, anywhere in the world, all year long, which will help you with all your queries. Are you trying to get tickets to an exclusive event or to book a table at a prestigious restaurant? Concierge is always there to help you! With you World Elite MasterCard you will also get you VIP Privileges with over 40 global travel & lifestyle brands and thousands of hotels worldwide.

MasterCard Prepaid Cards

MasterCard Prepaid Cards are a convenient alternative to cash. Top up your prepaid card and use it instead of cash when you go shopping, pay your bills or simply for your everyday purchases. You can use it anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted and at the same time, you get benefits you would not have if you paid cash.
MasterCard offers three types of prepaid cards. You can use the MasterCard Everyday Prepaid Card for all the things you would usually buy paying cash. MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card is the perfect present. A traditional gift card is usually linked to a particular shop or reseller, whereas a prepaid card from MasterCard can be used anywhere -- as long as MasterCard or Maestro are accepted. You can use MasterCard Prepaid Travel Card when travelling. It is a smart and convenient way to pay and, unlike travellers' checks, you don't need your passport to get money. You can even easily top up your card while travelling.

MasterCard for Businesses

MasterCard for Businesses is a good tool to manage both domestic and international expenditures. This card makes your bookkeeping and your expense management easier. It will increase your efficiency and your company will save money! MasterCard offers solutions for both Small businesses (SMEs) and Mid to Large businesses.
*For some cards, deviations from basic bonus schemes, refunds, frequent flyer programmes or promotions/discounts may occur. Please contact the card issuer or our customer service for more information about your specific card.
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