Cookie policy

We at Billhop want you to have the smoothest and best website experience. We therefore use cookies and other tools to assess your behaviour on our website. The purposes are several, e.g.:
  • Make sure that you get a smooth user experience, e.g. website language and the correct country to use Billhop from
  • Be able to assist you when you register for our service, pay an invoice or want to give us feedback, and
  • Analyse how you use our website
  • Minimize irrelevant ads

How does Billhop use cookies?

Necessary cookies Necessary cookies are essential for the website to function properly and they can therefore not be switched off in our system, only in your browser settings. They are usually only created when you have actively chosen something, e.g. when you set your privacy preferences, logging in or completing forms. If you want to save part of your login information, necessary cookies make this possible.
You can change your settings in your web browser to block or warn you about these cookies, but this may affect how the website functions. The necessary cookies give you a more adapted experience of our website.
On Billhop, we use necessary cookies in e.g. the customer support chat.
We also store your IP address during your session to make sure that no one else can login to your account using the same session ID from another IP address.
Analytics cookies Analytics cookies help us count website visits and sources of traffic so that we can measure and improve the performance of the website. They help us to know which pages that are most and least popular and monitor how the visitors navigate on the website.
If you do not allow analytics cookies, we will not know when you have visited our website and therefore will not be able to monitor the website’s performance and cannot adapt the Billhop website to meet your needs. We use Google Analytics to gather analytics cookies.
The data we collect is:
  • Browser type
  • Operating System
  • Mobile Device Information
  • Which pages you visited
  • How long you spent on the website
  • When you visited our website at the latest
  • References (where you came from)
Third-Party Cookies We permit the setting of third-party cookies on our website. These cookies assist us in measuring and understanding how our product is being used and how it can be optimised.
Third-party cookies are used for the following purposes:
  • Analyze behaviour to develop and improve website design and content
  • Build segments for advertising based on visitor behaviour
  • View relevant ads for previous visitors
  • Minimize irrelevant ads to some visitors
  • Track visitor behaviour on different versions of the site
When you visit our site, third-party cookies will be stored on your computer so we can understand where you have been on the site. Our display advertising partners, Google Ads, then let us present ads to you on other websites based on your previous interaction with us.
Below we have listed each cookie we use and the purpose of using them.
Necessary Cookies
  • Application
  • Livechat (Allows our customer support to chat with users on the Billhop website)
Analytic Cookies
  • Google Analytics (Allows us to see how many users are on the Billhop website, which pages they are on)
  • Google Tag Manager (Manages all other cookies on the website)
  • Hot Jar (Allows us to see how users are interacting with the Billhop website by using heat maps)
Third-Party Cookies
  • Google Ads (Shows us how effective our Billhop ads are by tracking how many users click through to our website from a particular ad)
  • Facebook (Shows us how effective our Billhop ads are on Facebook and what kinds of users are interested in Billhop.)
  • Microsoft/Bing Ads (Shows us how effective our Billhop ads are by tracking how many users click through to our website from a particular ad)
  • LinkedIn Ads (Shows us how effective our Billhop ads are by tracking how many users click through to our website from a particular ad)
How can you manage cookies? You can delete the cookies from your web browser and your unit and set your preferences on if and how local information can be saved. Please remember that the functionality on our website may be affected if you disable cookies, and that settings and login information will not be saved.
Please see links below on how to manage your cookie settings:
More information
You can find more information on cookies, which cookies that have been saved on your unit and how you can manage these on and www.all