You Can Now Pay Your Rent by Credit Card

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It’s likely that you use your debit or credit card for the majority of your purchases online or in-store, as today most retailers accept card payments as standard.

But what about your fixed or monthly expenses? What if you could enjoy the ease and flexibility of paying your rent or utilities with your credit card instead of having to set up a standing order, bank transfer or direct debit?

Well, the good news is that now you can!

With Billhop, you can pay almost any type of bill or invoice using your debit or credit card, even if the recipient doesn’t accept card payments themselves.

Can I pay my rent using Billhop?

If you are renting your home or office space from a letting agent (or other type of property management company), you can use Billhop to pay your monthly rent by credit card.

This means you can better control your cash flow, making use of your card’s interest-free period and extending your payment time as needed.

You can also choose between making a one-off payment, or setting-up recurring payments, so that you don’t have to worry about missing a due date or incurring late fees.

Our service makes it easier to access your credit card’s already approved, but often underutilised, standing line of credit by not requiring your suppliers or recipients to accept card payments.

More rewards

Is your credit card part of a rewards or loyalty programme? Connect it to your Billhop account and start earning bonus points, perks and other benefits simply by paying your bills.

What types of credit cards can I use?

You can use any UK-issued Visa, Mastercard of American Express credit card with our service.

Register your free Billhop account or learn more by clicking here.


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