Billhop: Replace Your Old Store Cards and Credit Accounts

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There was a time when walking into any shop on the high street and opening a credit account was quick and easy. All that was required was to make sure that your payments (by cash or cheque) were made on time, and on schedule.

Flexible shopping has moved on since then and everyone from Argos to M&S offer their very own store cards – unfortunately, each credit line is limited to a specific store, meaning you end up having to manage multiple cards if you want to benefit from extended payment times for your purchases.

At Billhop, we developed an online payment solution that lets you pay off any invoice using your preferred credit card. This means that you no longer need to sign up for, and manage, separate cards just to pay off individual bills. You can request to receive an invoice and simply add it into your Billhop account. Now you can manage all your payments in one place, with the credit card of your choice.

It’s a bit like having a universal, virtual credit account, but from the comfort of your own home.

Maximise Rewards

If your credit card includes a rewards programme, such as bonus points or miles, a Billhop account provides a great way to maximise those benefits by letting you pay bills from suppliers who don’t normally accept card payments.

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