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Why use Billhop?

Earn bonus points and rewards
Collect bonus points, discounts and other rewards connected to your credit card, simply by paying your bills. Contact your card issuer to find out what benefits apply to you.
Handle unexpected costs
Extend your payment period with the interest free days of your credit card. Even out your liquidity and avoid getting trapped in small loans. Your only cost is the fee Billhop charges for the transaction.
Keep everything in one place
Get an overview of all expenses, and add your credit and debit card for fast and simple payments. You get receipts with every payment and you can download your transactions for full control.

Get started with Billhop

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Create a free Billhop account
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Add your invoices
Step 3
Pay with any card

What does it cost?

Billhop only charges a 2,95% transaction fee. No hidden extra costs or binding period. Calculate your exact total by filling in the amount you want to pay.

Service fee

£ 0

Total to pay

£ 0

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Other ways to use Billhop

Small businesses
Bridge the gap and extend your cashflow
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Manage tail spend invoices as simple expenses
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