We accept Visa Cards!

You can use your VISA card with Billhop, just like for any other online purchases. This means that you can use all of your debit/credit limit, and receive bonus points if your card is part of a loyalty programme.

Visa’s paying circuit covers most of the world and few issuers are considered as trustworthy when it comes to secure payments by credit card. With your Visa card, you can purchase goods in an easy and secure way, regardless of whether you are in store, online or paying by phone.

Visa’s payment system is available around the clock. If something goes wrong, customer support is a phone call away – Visa’s regulations will protect you in case of fraud or theft.

You can benefit from the accounting and software tools offered by Visa. They will make your bookkeeping and accounting easier as well as your invoicing and payrolls. You can also benefit from advice by Visa’s payment security specialists.

VISA for companies

Both SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises – and larger companies can benefit from Visa’s paying system. Thanks to Visa for Business you can manage and keep your expenses under control in a more efficient way while reducing your administrative costs. Visa business cards are accepted at over 24 million points of sale in over 160 countries and of course on Billhop.

Contactless payments

Contactless payments with VISA are fast, convenient and secure – you won’t even need to enter your PIN. Look for the symbol for contactless payments, simply touch the reader with your contactless card to pay in less than a second. For all payments under £100, you can use Visa contactless. For security reason, it is possible that you are required to enter your PIN after tapping your card.

Visa Europe

Visa Europe makes it possible for competing banks to offer cards and payment services to millions of card owners and merchants in Europe. Every single bank can decide what fees apply both to consumers and companies. Visa supplies the products and services which make transactions fast, secure and convenient.

Start using your visa card to pay bills online!

With Billhop, you can pay almost any invoice or bill online using your preferred debit or credit card. There is no need for your supplier or recipient to accept card payments or join our system themselves. It's fast, easy and secure.

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