Councils may not accept all credit cards but we do!

With Billhop, you can pay your council tax using any UK issued credit card - even American Express!

Make use of your card's grace period and extend your payment time.

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Regardless of what council you live in, Billhop lets you pay your council tax online using your debit or credit card.

Finding out how to pay your local council directly can be frustrating - as different authorities may only accept specific payment methods.

As an online payment service, Billhop makes it easy to pay any tax bill online using the debit or credit card of your choice. Creating an account is free and helps you manage all your payments in one place.

Earn more rewards

Does your credit card have a rewards programme?

Whether it's bonus points, cashback, benefits or perks - credit cards are a great way to get the most out of your everyday expenses.

Because we don't require your end-recipient to accept card payments, you get to choose which bills you want to pay using your credit card. With Billhop, you can maximise your rewards simply by paying your bills.


How does Billhop work?

Billhop is an online payment service that lets you pay your bills using the debit or credit card of your choice.

We don't require your end recipient or supplier to accept card payments or sign up to our service themselves. This means that a Billhop account lets you use your credit cards to pay bills that don't typically accept cards as payment.

Simply add your bill details, register a card and confirm the payment date. Your credit card will be charged and the funds will arrive in your recipient's account in 2-4 business days (depending on your card).

Which credit cards can I use with Billhop?

You can use any Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club or American Express card, just like you would any online purchase.

It's worth noting that American Express may require direct approval if you plan to make a particularly large payment that deviates from your normal spending patterns. If a payment is initially declined, it is important that you contact their customer service directly.

What is council tax?

Council Tax is an annual fee you pay to your local council. The cost is set by your council and goes towards funding local services.

When will the council receive my payment?

Your council will recieve any payments made using Visa, Mastercard or Diners cards within 2 business days, while American Express requires up to 4 business days.

Please note that weekends and bank holidays are considered non-business days and should be accounted for in your payments planning.

Is Billhop secure?

Yes. We use industry-standard security technologies, procedures, and best practices to protect our customers and our services. In addition to developing our proprietary systems and processes to validate, execute and follow up on every bill payment, we employ external security specialists who continuously monitor and stress test our service. We do not store any card numbers and encrypt all user information.

Furthermore, our money laundering reporting officer, compliance team, and risk team ensure that we continue to meet the statutory requirements under the directive from the Swedish FSA.

As a Payment Institute, we are licensed by and under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektion).

How much does Billhop cost?

Billhop’s pricing is simple and transparent.

For business accounts, we charge a service fee of 2.95% on each transaction.

For personal accounts, we charge a service fee of 3.5% on each transaction.

There are no additional costs associated with having a Billhop account and we do not charge a subscription fee or have any hidden upgrades. Our service fee covers all the costs of processing and handling your card payments.

Registration is completely free.

More FAQs

How to use Billhop

An icon showing a new Billhop user

Add your bill

Add the payment information specified on your Council Tax bill, such as the reference and the account numbers.

An icon showing you adding an invoice

Register your card

Enter your card information and follow the security steps when registering it for the first time.

Credit card icon

Complete payment

Click to confirm your payment! Once confirmed, your local council will receive the funds in 2–4 business days.

Why do I pay council tax?

Local councils use our council tax fees to pay for services such as street lighting, rubbish collection, road repairs and social care.

Your council tax bill for the upcoming year will be issued around April 30th. It's up to you whether you pay the entire bill in a lump sum, or choose to pay in monthly instalments. Typically, most people choose to pay 10 instalments and then get a two-month break for February and March.

With a Billhop account, you can choose between making a one off payment or scheduling recurring payments with just a couple of clicks. Creating an account is free and the funds will reach the recipient within 2-4 business days (depending on which card you use).


Pay your Council Tax by credit card

Billhop lets you pay your Council Tax bills online using your preferred debit or credit card.

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Helpful information

Who has to pay?

Visit GOV.UK to find out if you have to pay Council Tax.

Council Tax reductions

Check if you are eligible and how to apply for a reduction.

Can you pay other types of tax bills with Billhop?

Streamline your payments and improve working capital by paying your HMRC tax bills such as Self Assessment, VAT, Corporation Tax or PAYE by credit card.

While HMRC might not accept personal credit cards anymore – we do! We accept all U.K issued credit cards - including American Express. This means you can continue pay your tax bills using your preferred credit card.

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Billhop is a payment institution that is regulated by and operates under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) through the Temporary Passport Regime (FNR 748529). Billhop upholds industry best-in-class security standards including 2FA and issuer security solutions such as 3DS. All client funds are safeguarded through standard client funds account setup.