We accept Diners Club Cards!

You can use your Diners Club Cards to pay your invoices online using Billhop - just like you would any online purchase! This means that you can use all your debit/credit limit, and receive bonus points if your card is part of a loyalty programme.

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Diners Club

Diners Credit Card is accepted at millions of establishments world-wide and designed to give cardholders greater flexibility and round-the-clock convenience. Cardholders also receive privileges with attractive rewards programme.

Diners Club Card is accepted at nearly 40 million global merchant locations – wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Start using your Diners Club card to pay bills online!

With Billhop, you can pay almost any invoice or bill online using your preferred debit or credit card. There is no need for your supplier or recipient to accept card payments or join our system themselves. It's fast, easy and secure.

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